Facial Treatments

At AQUA Beauty and Spa we focus on results to improve, heal and treat the appearance for all unique skin. We have pure relaxation facials alongside with medispa treatments to ensure that you have the best of both worlds with our exceptional facial treatments. All facials include a FREE skin consultation by an experience therapist as well as product recommendations.
AHAVA EXPRESS TREAT (30 mins) - $45

This is a booster treatment for those on the go, featuring the benefits of Dead Sea minerals. A thorough cleanse to remove debris, then tone, exfoliation, completed by a mineral-rich mask, moisturise. (All skin types)

BENEFIT PEEL (30 mins) - $120

This potent antioxidant peel is anti-inflammatory, soothing and super hydrating with natural ingredients and chirally correct L-Retinol A and Cinto multiple layers of the skin. The ultimate peel for rosacea, fragile, hypersensitive, acne and ageing skin. The result is a gentle stimulus of collagen without excessive peeling.

X6 Treatments $570


All skins need moisture: this is the essential element of healthy, youthful skin. Tailor created to suit your skin needs, Mineral Escapade allows you to experience the Dead Sea while reinforcing the skin’s own natural moisturising factors, hydration levels and immunity. Harnessed from Natures’ most prolific source of life-giving minerals, your skin will feel re-born, refreshed, recharged, includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, face & décolletage massage, treatment mask, warm aromatherapy towels, moisturise. Followed by a hand, foot & scalp massage. (All skin types)

RETINOL BRULEE (30mins) - $130

This is a resurfacing treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, dull, rough and lack-lustre skin texture with visible pores. Encapsulated retinol and L-Iactic acid work in tandem to deliver spectacular anti-ageing results. The retinol works deep to encourage the appearance of new healthy cells and compensates for diminished levels of collagen. Skin texture looks and feels firmer whilst fine lines and wrinkles appear softened.
X6 treatments $600


Special attention is given to the delicate eye area where our age tends to show. A focused treatment includes cleansing the delicate skin around the eyes, this treatment aids in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

JUNGLE BREW (30mins) - $120

No matter what your age, if you are seeing spots, excessive oiliness, congested or clogged pores, the Jungle Brew Amazonian detox peel will fast track your quest for pure, clear, healthy looking skin. Contains clinical strength alpha beta hydroxyl acids which work to deep cleanse pores of excess oils that can lead to the appearance of unsightly imperfections.
X6 treatments $570


This treatment gently removes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells from the face, hands and body, ideal for hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, open pores, blackheads, deep cleanses makes skin look and feel fresher and younger.
X4 treatments $250 (save $70) $62.50 per treatment
X10 treatments $550 (save $250) $55 per treatment


Ideal for those of you that requires a very gentle, clinically proven treatment that can be adjusted for strength according to your level of sensitivity, so that even the most temperamental of skins can enjoy all of the benefits without the irritation. This peel treats dehydration, uneven texture, congestion, ageing & sun-damage. Your clinician will choose the appropriate strength for your skin during your initial consultation.
X6 treatments $480


Traditional peels consist of chemical solutions applied to the skin to form painful flakes or blisters that eventually peel off destroying healthy tissues, forcing the body to heal itself. However, CosMedix’s chirally correct innovative non-traumatic peel succeeds by aiding in healthy changes in the skin to help create a beautiful and renewed complexion with maximum results with minimum downtime.
Purchase 6 or more treatments & save!

PIGMENT PUNCH PEEL (30mins) - $120

Brown spots, hormonal marks and other skin discolourations not only spoil your looks but age you beyond your years. This is a truly remarkable and unique breakthrough clinical treatment to rapidly clear away those unsightly marks and visibly restore clarity to your complexion. The pigment punch clarity peel combines alpha-beta hydroxy acids to lift away the accumulated layers of dull, discoloured cells plus the remarkable skin brightening action of pure vitamin C and tyrostat. Recommended Program 6 peels.
X6 treatments $570

MEDI DETOX FACIAL (60 mins) - $85

A deep cleansing detoxifying facial for impure, clogged and congested skin types includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, customized infusion mask, lymphatic drainage face and décolletage massage, serum & moisturise.


A deeply hydrating antioxidant facial treatment for all skin types in need of a little TLC. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, customised infusion mask to suit skin type, lymphatic drainage, Face and décolletage massage, serum & moisturise.

BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE (30 mins) - $80

Introductory peel for dry, dull and lifeless skin. This deliciously refreshing scrub helps invigorate the skin with the use of gentle lactic acid, active blueberry extract and polyethylene beads, to restore a youthful glow without irritation. Perfect on your lunch breaks, great for any special occasions / events for that polished, smooth and dewy result.

X6 treatments $390

Microdermabrasion w/Pomegranate peel - 45 min $150

15%L-lactic acid stimulates cellular turnover and increases skin’s natural moisture factors. It contains papain (from papaya) removes dead skin layers, green tea, pomegranate seed oil and reserveratrol (from red wine) infuse skin cells with potent antioxidants. You will be glowing after this treatment!